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Hi, I'm Kelley, and I am the founder and owner of Brubaker Tax Resolution Group.  I have witnessed first hand many people and businesses deeply burdened and nearly destroyed financially by their tax problem.  

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Latest News About the IRS:

Taxpayer Bill of Rights: #1, The Right to Be Informed
In 2014, the Internal Revenue Service adopted a Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TBOR) that has become a cornerstone document to[...]
Private Collection Agencies Used By The IRS
In April 2017, the IRS began assigning taxpayer accounts to private collection agencies (PCAs).  For 2017, the IRS reports this[...]
IRS Can Deny New/Renewed Passports & Revoke Passports for Tax Debtors
This month, the IRS will begin implementation of new procedures affecting individuals with “seriously delinquent tax debts.” These new procedures[...]
Five Things to Know about Estimated Taxes and Withholding
The IRS charges penalties for several different things, such as: filing your return late and paying the tax late. If[...]
How to Know if the Knock on Your Door is Actually Someone from the IRS
USUALLY (99.999999% of the time!), the IRS contacts a taxpayer by mail regarding an issue.  However, there are a few[...]
How IRS Audits Are Changing
Honestly, nothing strikes fear into the heart of a business owner like the term “audit”.  It is a guarantee to[...]

How Tax Problems Get Fixed:

Offer In Compromise
An Offer In Compromise is also called the “Fresh Start” or “Pennies on the Dollar” program. This the solution most[...]
Injured Spouse
Injured spouse relief is different from innocent spouse.Injured spouse is when a married couple wants to file a “joint” return[...]
Currently Not Collectible
Currently Not Collectible is the term the IRS uses when your current financial situation does not afford you to pay[...]
Penalty abatement is asking the IRS to forgive, or write-off, the penalties they have assessed.The IRS is willing to forgive[...]
Some tax debt may qualify for discharge in bankruptcy.To qualify, all of the following must be true about the tax[...]
Payment Plan
A payment plan is similar to a typical car loan. You agree to pay the IRS each month a specific[...]
Statute of Limitations
Does the IRS have forever to collect back taxes?  Thankfully, no!  The IRS* has 10 years to collect the tax,[...]
Innocent Spouse
Innocent spouse relief is available to someone who has tax debt only because their spouse (or ex-spouse) committed fraud. This[...]

What The IRS Can Do To You:

Bank Levy
This is how the IRS gets your immediate attention when you have ignored their previous letters.A levy is delivered to[...]
Tax Lien
A tax lien is a document publicly filed in the county of your last known address on file with the[...]
Wage Garnishment
A wage garnishment is instruction to your employer to take a portion of your paycheck and send it directly to[...]
Asset Seizure
This is a rarely used tactic, but it is used when the IRS has exhausted every other option at their[...]

Millions of people struggle every day with mounting tax problems.

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In 2008, as a CPA, I met a few new clients within a several month time frame who shared their frustrations about their IRS tax problems with me.  Learn more here.