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Some tax debt may qualify for discharge in bankruptcy.To qualify, all of the following must be true about the tax debt:It is income tax not payroll or fraud penalties.It is not from fraud or willful tax evasion.The tax years it relates to is at least three years old.The tax debt is from filed returns.The tax […]

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Statute of Limitations

Does the IRS have forever to collect back taxes?  Thankfully, no!  The IRS* has 10 years to collect the tax, penalties and interest for that year’s return. There are specific circumstances that can “pause” the clock after a return has been filed.For taxpayers who have filed their returns on time but the IRS has taken […]

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Injured Spouse

Injured spouse relief is different from innocent spouse.Injured spouse is when a married couple wants to file a “joint” return because their current year’s tax liability will be most favorable to them, but the refund will be garnished to pay qualifying delinquent debts of one spouse such as federal or state tax debt, defaulted student […]

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Innocent Spouse

Innocent spouse relief is available to someone who has tax debt only because their spouse (or ex-spouse) committed fraud. This is for truly unjust situations where one spouse is clearly a victim of their spouse’s fraud.

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Currently Not Collectible

Currently Not Collectible is the term the IRS uses when your current financial situation does not afford you to pay the IRS after you have paid your living expenses each month.The IRS wants food on your table, a roof over your head and clothes on your back first. After that, if you do not have […]

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